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Your time in Norway just got a whole lot better.

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Many internationals in Norway report feeling disconnected and a lack support.

According to a 2021 study, immigrants in Norway experience greater loneliness and exclusion from society than the rest of the population (Statistics Norway). With over 500,000 internationals in Norway, it shouldn't be, and doesn't have to be this way.

Unlock Norway is a community that brings internationals and locals alike together. We focus on providing internationals in Norway with the resources they need to discover an inclusive community of like-minded neighbors and improve their experience of living here. We started in March 2023, and over the past few months have experienced an outpouring of support and community from people looking to connect with Norway in a deeper way. Want to join us?

How to join our community


Unlock Oslo membership

An insider's guide to Oslo, delivered right to your inbox! Get curated information (including events, offers, and more!) specifically for internationals in Oslo through a monthly newsletter—all for the cost of one cup of coffee per month!


Events in Oslo and beyond

We host a variety of events, from professional development and networking events to picnics in Oslo where anyone and everyone is invited to join and meet their neighbors. See you there!


Norway-wide resources

Our guides to unlocking Norway are for everyone, whether you're thinking about moving to Norway or if you've been here for 10 years. Discover something new about the country you call home with our various Unlock Norway guides.


It's all happening on the 'gram:

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