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Events that bring you closer to your city and to others

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Dive into a variety of experiences, both online and in-person (around Oslo and beyond), that bring to life the best of Norway's international community.

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On the agenda

No events at the moment

About our events

Unlock Norway organizes a variety of events for internationals and locals in Oslo and online. From sauna sessions and picnics to professional development workshops and webinars, we work with partners in Oslo and around the country to bring people together and make Norway more accessible and fun. Reach out if you would like to organize or sponsor an event with us. 

Our Code of Conduct:

  • Embrace diversity, celebrate individual differences, and be kind and respectful to everyone.

  • Be approachable and open to striking up conversations with newcomers. Let's create an inclusive atmosphere!

  • Respect personal boundaries and avoid behavior which could make someone feel uncomfortable (that means no creepy vibes allowed!).

  • Failure to follow the code of conduct will result in immediate removal from the group and future events.

By attending our events, you agree to our policies.

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