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Unlock the best of Norway with us

Unlock Norway is a supportive and inclusive community for Norwegians and non-Norwegians of all backgrounds. Our mission is to help our community feel more informed and connected to Norway. Through our unique blend of resources and community-driven initiatives—from engaging and informative social media content to our Oslo-based membership program—we aim to make Norway not just a place to live, but a place to call home!

Hi, I'm Gabriella! 

I moved to Norway in early 2022. It was hard to find community and access certain information, but I have been very lucky to have a Norwegian partner and Norwegian friends who have taught me so much about living here. After about a year in Oslo, I realized that I just how very lucky I was to have "insider information" that many other internationals here didn't have access to, knowledge that could genuinely improve someone's quality of life here.


As a communications professional, I have a natural instinct to share information, and I wanted to do something to help people "unlock" the secrets of this beautiful country. Thus, Unlock Norway was born, aiming to be a key for people by providing context and news, and bridging the gap between newcomers and the country we now call home.

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Features and press

2024_02 VG - Unlock Norway.png


03 February 2024

2024_01 God Morgen Norge - Unlock Norway.png

God Morgen Norge

04 January 2024

2024/10 The Local - Unlock Norway.png

28 September 2023

2023_05 The Local - Unlock Norway.png

15 May 2023

2023_04 Life in Norway podcast - Unlock Norway.png

Life In Norway show

21 April 2023

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Have questions or comments? Want to submit a topic we should cover? Interested in working together on a fun collaboration that enhances the international experience of living in Norway? Whatever it is, we can't wait to hear from you!

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