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Unlock the best of Norway with us

Unlock Norway is a supportive and inclusive community for Norwegians and non-Norwegians of all backgrounds. Our mission is to help our community feel more informed and connected to Norway through fun, practical, and engaging content. From tips on adjusting to life in Norway to curated lists of events, we offer a range of content and events to connect people, whether they've just arrived in Norway or been here their whole life. 

The goal of Unlock Norway is to go beyond language barriers and Google Translate, offering a deeper understanding of Norway's news, culture, and hidden gems. We believe that by empowering you with this knowledge, we can enhance your quality of life and bridge the gap between locals and newcomers.


Join us as we unravel the mysteries of life in Norway and leave no secrets hidden along the way!

Hi, I'm Gabriella! 

I moved to Norway in the early spring of 2022. It was hard to find community and access certain information, but I have been very lucky to have a Norwegian partner and Norwegian friends who have taught me so much about living here. After about a year in Oslo, I realized that I was very lucky to have "insider information" that many other internationals here didn't have access to, knowledge that could genuinely improve someone's quality of life here.


As a communications professional, I have a natural instinct to share information, and I wanted to do something to help people "unlock" the secrets of this beautiful country. Thus, Unlock Norway was born, aiming to be a key for people, provide context and news, and bridge the gap between locals and newcomers, leaving no valuable information locked.

Unlock Norway - Gabriella in Oslo.heic
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